What is the Difference Between Downy Unstopables and Downy Infusions? (Compared!)

Downy products are popularly known for laundry uses and their product Unstopables is a widely used laundry freshener. It gives your clothes a great smell and helps to keep them fresh for a long time.

Another product from Downy is the Downy Infusions which is also a laundry freshener but with some differences. In this article, we shall discuss the difference between the two Downy products so that you can choose the best one for your needs.

Difference Between Downy Unstopables and Downy Infusions

Difference between Downy Unstopables and Infusions

Downy Unstopables are scent beads that provide a refreshing smell to your laundry and nothing else. On the other hand, Downy Infusions is a combination of Fabric softener and scent which softens the fabric as well as provides a refreshing smell to the clothes. If you want a comprehensive solution for your laundry, you can use Downy Infusions. While if you just want different fragrances in your clothes then go with Downy Unstopables.

Let us look into the differences in more detail and get a clear picture of which product is used for what purpose.

Uses of Downy Unstopables

The ingredients of Downy Unstopables are intended to provide only specific fragrances to the clothes and it doesn’t do anything more than that. There are a bunch of different fragrances in the form of scented beads in the Unstopables version of Downy.

Some people might use other brand detergent solutions for their clothes. Those detergent solutions or softeners may not produce a good smell on your clothes. For such instances, you can make use of these Downy Unstopables scented beads and get a nice refreshing smell from your clothes.

You can use a few beads while you are washing the clothes and remove the detergent smell from the clothes effectively. This is the only purpose served by the Downy Unstopables line of products.

Uses of Downy Infusions

As for Downy Infusions, they act both as a liquid fabric conditioner and scent provider for your clothes. The ingredients have fabric-softening chemicals along with some fragrance-producing agents

Many people use conditioners for their clothes because the usual detergent liquids may harden the cloth fibers which may result in shorter life of the clothes. So, in such cases, a fabric softener or conditioner like Downy can help you to preserve the cloth fibers for a long time.

Downy Infusions has a softening agent in its products and you can get the best conditioning for your clothes.

Apart from softening, people prefer nice-smelling clothes that keep them fresh throughout the day. So, the fragrance from Downy Infusions can give a nice fragrance and lasts longer than you expect.

Therefore, for those who want a complete laundry solution that houses both softening and fragrance, then Downy Infusions is the go-to product.

Downy UnstopablesDowny Infusions
Fragrance Producing
Fabric Conditioning
Fragrances AvailableLush
Old Spice
Cloth protection
Washer Safe

Should you use Unstopables instead of Softener?

No, Downy Unstopables is not a replacement for a softener. Rather it just provides fragrance for your clothes through the scented beads. If you want to replace your existing softener with a better product, then you have to use Downy Infusions.

Because Downy Infusions can provide both scent and softening for your clothes. Therefore, if you want to use a Downy product instead of a Softener, then it is Downy Infusions. You cannot use Unstopables in place of a softener.

You can replace Unstopables with Infusions but you cannot replace Infusions with Unstopables due to the unavailability of conditioning agents in Unstopables.

Should you use Laundry Detergent with Downy Unstopables and Downy Infusions?

Yes, you must use laundry detergent with both Downy Unstopables and Infusions. Because both don’t perform any kind of cleaning action and a detergent is necessary to remove the dirt.

While Unstopables can make your clothes smell good and the Infusions can provide softness, only a detergent can perform the cleaning action on the clothes and wash the dirt away.

You can use the Unstopables and Infusions along with any laundry detergent to get good scent and fabric conditioning respectively.

You cannot avoid the use of detergent solution or powder just by having Unstopables or Infusions with you.

Only after washing your clothes with suitable detergent, you can use Infusions for fabric conditioning and Unstopables for long-lasting fragrance.


Both Downy Unstopables and Infusions are great for your clothes. But you must know the purpose they serve and how to use them.

Unstopables can make your clothes smell great but Infusions can add softness to your clothes along with it. Therefore, choose the products as per your requirement and this article helps you understand how each product can be used effectively.

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