GE Washer Buttons Not Working – Top Reasons and Fixes

You can find buttons in the user interface on all GE washing machine models. The control panel is controlled with the help of buttons and you can set your wash program or customize the cycles with wash options.

After prolonged usage, the buttons might get stuck or not work properly for several reasons. This article will explore why GE washer buttons are not working and how to fix them with DIY troubleshooting.

GE Washer Buttons Not Working

GE Washer Buttons Not Working

GE washer buttons may not work due to the following reasons:

  • Physical damage in the button
  • Wiring issues in the Control board
  • Dirt or Debris Blocking the Actuation of Button
  • Shorted Control Board

Physical Damage in the Button

This is one of the common issues that can arise after prolonged usage of the washer. The buttons may be physically damaged and they do not actuate at all. The buttons must contact the control board for the circuit to recognize. If no contact can be made, the control board cannot work.


  • Whenever there is physical damage to the washer buttons, you have to change the entire control board.
  • Order the part from the official GE store and replace the existing control board
  • If you don’t know how to replace the board, call a professional for assistance.

Wiring Issues in Control Board

Sometimes the buttons might be intact but the wiring in the board might be damaged. In such case, the circuit will not be closed and even if you press the buttons, it will not work. Every button connects to a contact on the circuit board. This board has a lot of wires and they are interconnected. If the wiring is faulty, broken, or poorly soldered, the control circuit cannot function.


  • Turn off the washer and remove the control panel from the washer
  • Check for any broken or detached wires at the back of the control board
  • If you find any damages in the wire, replace it with a new wire
  • If the wire is not soldered properly, then with the help of a soldering machine
  • Replace the control board and check whether the buttons are working

Dirt or Debris in the Button

In older GE washer models, dirt can easily get inside the push buttons. This dirt hinders the movement of the button and doesn’t allow it to make contact with the leads in the circuit board. Because of this, your buttons in the GE washer may not be working.


  • Turn off the washer and unplug it from the electrical socket
  • Remove the control board from the top load washer using appropriate tools
  • Then with the help of a small brush, remove the dirt and debris present in the circuit board leads
  • Remove the board and the frame over which the buttons are fixed. Clean the buttons using the brush
  • If you have melted glue or sticky resin over the buttons, then take some isopropyl alcohol and with the help of some Q-tips, clean the board and buttons
  • Once you thoroughly clean the buttons and the board, replace it in the washer and put the plug
  • Press the power button or start button and check whether the appliance is responding

Shorted Control Board Circuit

When the entire control circuit is shorted, pressing the buttons will not work. Because, the buttons will enable the contact and close the circuit. If the circuit itself is damaged, then there is no use. When none of the troubleshooting methods work, then you have to check the control board for any short circuits.


  • Turn of the washer and remove the control panel
  • Look into the control board circuit and check for any burn marks or damaged circuit components
  • If you find the board to be shorted, then you have to replace the entire board. This can be found by checking the fuse in the circuit board.
  • If you find an individual circuit component to be damaged, then you can try replacing only that part. But this requires skilled expertise and appropriate circuit part.
  • In such cases, you can call for professional services to repair or replace the board

How to fix GE Washer Start/Pause Button Not Working?

Sometimes, other buttons might work well but the Start button in the GE washing machine will not be working. This may not be a physical fault in the button and it can be fixed with a simple reset. Follow these steps to reset the GE washer:

  • Turn off the appliance by switching it off
  • Now go to the circuit breaker and turn off the power line that connects to your washing machine
  • Wait for 30 secs. Meantime, you can press the start/pause button to drain any residual charges in the circuit
  • Now, turn on the circuit breaker and wait for 10 seconds
  • After 10 seconds, turn on the washer and wait for the self-test to occur. Sometimes, after the self-test you can get some error codes which must be dealt accordingly. Check out the list of error codes in GE washers and fix them.
  • Once the self-test mode is passed, select the self wash cycle and press the start button
  • If the button works, then your reset has fixed the issue. If the button didn’t work, then the start button might be defective.
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