GE Washing Machine Keeps Beeping – Reasons and Troubleshooting

Your washing machine might produce a continuous beep sound and you probably may not know why. As soon as you turn on the washer, you can find the appliance to give a continuous beep sound which is highly annoying.

This beep sound can sometimes start soon after you start a particular wash cycle. The beep sound can also indicate an error with the machine and you must fix it to start using the appliance again.

In all cases, getting rid of the beep sound is necessary to use the machine without any discomfort. Therefore, in this article, we shall find out the reasons for the beeping sound in a GE washing machine and know how to troubleshoot it easily.

GE Washing Machine Keeps Beeping

Why Does My GE Washer Keep Beeping?

The GE washer keeps beeping due to the following issues:

  • The door/lid is not properly closed
  • The Door/Lid Sensor is not working
  • Overloading the machine
  • Error Codes
  • Faulty Control Panel

The Door/Lid is not Closed Properly

GE washers have a lid switch that senses the closure of the lid. If the lid is not properly closed, you can find the washer to give a beep sound to alert you. It is actually a safety feature that prevents the initiation of a wash cycle when the door or lid is not closed properly.


  • Ensure that the door or lid is closed properly. If something is obstructing the door, then remove it.
  • Sometimes, there can be dirt blocking the door or lid switch and it cannot recognize that you have closed the door. In such cases, you must clean the dirt and try locking the door.
  • Dirt can easily sediment in the door and you must maintain the washer regularly to avoid such issues.

The Door/Lid Sensor is not Working

Again, the door/lid switch can be faulty or damaged which causes the continuous beeping sound from the washer. The door switch signals the control panel to start the wash cycle when you hit the start button after closing the door. But if the switch has issues, it cannot signal the control panel and the machine may recognize that you haven’t closed the door yet.


Overloading the Machine

Most of the modern washer models have overload sensors that alert you when you have overloaded the machine. You either might have loaded too many clothes or you could have let more water inside the tub. So, resolving this issue can fix the problem.


  • Stop the wash cycle and Unplug the machine
  • If you had filled the tub with water, drain it completely and open the door
  • Remove the excess clothes and reload with proper distribution
  • Try to fill the right amount of water or just select the appropriate wash cycle
  • Plug back the machine and start it. If you had loaded the machine properly, then, you will not hear the beeping noise.

Error Codes

Many users don’t recognize the error codes present in the washer display. Understanding the error codes is important for appliance repair, especially for washers. When you find your machine constantly beeping even after fixing the door and balancing the load, then check the display for any error codes. For top load washing machines without any display, you can find a bunch of LED lights that indicate the wash programs and error codes. Fixing the error codes will solve the beeping issue.


For washers with Display

  • If you have a washer with display, then note down the error code and verify it against the type of problem the code indicates
  • Try to solve the underlying cause for the error code and the beeping noise will be resolved
  • If the noise is still persisting, then you can put the washer into the diagnostics mode or test mode and then put it back into the normal mode.
  • To enter diagnostics mode, press the start button for three seconds and rotate the selector knob 180 degrees. Release the start button and you can find all the LEDs to light up indicating the test mode or diagnostic mode.
  • Now press the start button again for 10 seconds and the machine will reset and exit the test mode

For washers without display

  • Some top load models will not have a display. But you can find out the error code by using the LEDs present under the wash programs
  • To put the washer in the test mode, unplug the machine and wait for 30 seconds
  • Then plug the machine back in and hold the start button for three seconds. While you are holding the start button, turn the selector knob 7 times in the counter-clockwise direction
  • Once you do this, the machine will enter test mode which is indicated by the blinking of all LEDs
  • Now turn the selector knob clockwise once and you can see one LED lighting up constantly
  • Press the start button two times and you will now have entered the error code mode
  • According to the LEDs that are lighting up, there is a list of error codes which you can use to cross verify the type of error
  • Resolve the errors and your beeping problem will be resolved.
  • Sometimes, when you put the appliance in test mode, the beeping might stop. But it is better to fix the underlying issue before ensuring it.

Faulty Control Panel

Finally, if nothing works out and if you still hear constant beeping noise, then you have to check the control panel for circuit issues. Because, the sensors in the washer might be sending proper signal but the control panel may not recognize it due to some fault in the logic circuit.


  • Call for a technician to remove the control panel and check for its integrity
  • If you are using an old washer, the problem with control panel might be imminent and you might have to replace it
  • To prevent issues with control panel, you should not connect multiple appliances to a single power outlet. Also, you can use surge protectors to prevent overvoltage.
  • When you are not using the machine, it is better to unplug it.
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