How to Clean Samsung Washer Filter? – A Complete Guide

Samsung washers have drain pump filters in their front load and top load washers to prevent lint and debris from entering the drainage system. Periodic maintenance of the washer involves cleaning the drain pump filter every six weeks and here is a complete guide on how to clean the Samsung washer filter on your own.

How to Clean Samsung Washer Filter

How to Clean Samsung Washer Filter?

The drain pump filter can be removed without any special tools and you can simply clean it in running water to remove the debris and lint. But first, the filter must be located in your washing machine model.

Location of the drain pump filter

The drain pump filter is located on the front side of the washer at the bottom on the right side. Almost all the Samsung washing machine models have it in this location including the top-load variants. Once you have located the filter, it is time to remove it properly and clean it.

Removing and Cleaning the Drain Pump Filter

Before you remove the filter from the machine, you will need a towel and a small container. Once you have these in possession follow the instructions:

  • Complete any washing cycle that may be running and empty the washer.
  • Turn off the appliance and remove the plug from the socket
  • Now place the towel on the floor right below the location of the drain pump filter
  • The filter is covered by a push-door. So, gently push the filter cover to open it.
  • You can now see a knob which is the filter itself and a small hose attached to a small pipe.
  • Unplug the hose and drain the water into the small container you possess. Repeat the process until the water is drained completely.
  • Now turn the knob anti-clockwise to unscrew the drain pump filter from the washer.
  • Take the filter and wash it thoroughly in running water. Make sure to remove all the debris, lint, and dust stuck onto it.
  • You can also use a brush to gently rub away the dirt in the filter.
  • Once you have cleaned the filter thoroughly, place it back into the screw and rotate it clockwise till the knob is tight.
  • Make sure to place the small hose back into the pipe and secure it.
  • Close the door by pushing it back into the locks.

Perform this maintenance every six weeks once to avoid blockage in your drain system. If your washer shows an error code like 5C, this means that it is time to clean the drain filter of the washing machine. If the problem persists, remove the drain hose and check for any clogs.

How to Clean Debris Filter on Samsung Top Load washer?

In Samsung top-load variants, you can find a debris filter also known as the lint filter inside the washer tub. This filter helps prevent the lint from entering the drainage system. It is important to remove and clean the debris filter every week and you can follow this procedure to do it:

  • End all the washing cycles that may be running and remove the clothes
  • Turn off the washer and remove the plug from the socket
  • Open the top lid of the washer and locate the filter inside the tub
  • The debris filter will be present on the walls of the tub and you can find it on the upper side of the tub
  • To detach the filter, press the upper area of the filter which will unlock it from the tub
  • Take the filter and open the top cover to expose the filter mesh
  • Clean it thoroughly in running water and use a brush to remove debris
  • Once you have cleaned the filter thoroughly, lock the cover and replace the filter in the tub.

Perform this cleaning routine every week in a top-load washer to remove any potential lint or debris.

How often To Clean a Washing Machine Filter?

You can clean a washing machine filter once every six weeks. At least you have to clean them every two months depending on your laundry routine.

You can either manually clean the filter if it is available in your model. Or you can go for a Self-Clean cycle in the Samsung washer which removes the dirt in the tub and filters by flushing it.

What is Self Clean on a Samsung Washer?

Self clean is a wash program that automatically cleans the washer tub and drain filter by thoroughly flushing them. It is very handy to use this wash cycle to deep clean your washer.

When cleaning the washer, you may have some areas where you can’t reach by hand. Such areas may be prone to mold formation or might have detergent residues. To clean such places, you can use the self clean cycle.

Empty the washer and press the self clean cycle button on the machine. You don’t have to add any special cleaning agents for cleaning. The machine will flush the tub and other deep areas to remove dirt and mold present in it.

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