Where Should A Mini Split Air Conditioner Be Installed? (Best Locations)

The placement of a mini-split AC is very important to get the maximum efficiency. Poor placement will lead to improper air distribution and results in continuous usage of the mini-split AC which leads to higher power consumption.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the best way to place a mini-split AC and the different factors you should consider when placing it.

Where Should A Mini Split Air Conditioner Be Installed

Where Should A Mini Split Air Conditioner Be Installed?

A mini split AC has an indoor unit which should be installed inside the room and it should be placed at the top center of the longest wall to provide maximum air distribution to the entire room. The mini split has an outdoor unit which has to be installed outside the house since it expels the heat extracted from the room. The indoor unit must be kept in close proximity to the outdoor unit to reduce the energy losses from heat transfer. The outdoor unit should be placed in an open space with more air flow to maximize the expulsion of residual heat from the room.

Best locations to install a mini split AC

There are two units in a mini-split. Each has several factors to consider for placing and installing them in your home. Take note of the following guidelines before placing the units.

Indoor Unit Placement

Indoor Unit Placement - Best Locations to Place Mini Split AC

The indoor unit performs two major functions:

  • Blows or distributes cold air into the room
  • Collects the warm air from the room and cools it down

Considering these two functions HVAC experts recommend the following placement techniques:

Closer to the outdoor unit

Choose a wall in your room that gives easy access to the outdoor unit. Because the compressed refrigerant or coolant will enter the indoor unit using two pipes that are connected through the wall.

If you don’t choose the wall on the perimeter, you cannot connect both units. Also, the distance between both units must be very small so that the refrigerant doesn’t lose its chillness while traveling into the indoor unit.

You can also reduce the length of the pipe and use insulation material to reduce heat transfer. Also, you can get effective cooling without spending much electrical power.

Central Placement in the Longest Wall

To maximize the air distribution to all parts of the room, choose the longest wall and place the unit at the top center.

When you keep it at the center, the air distribution will be equal on both halves of the room. Since most of the rooms are symmetrical, finding the center is very easy.

Do not place them in a tapered wall because you cannot connect the outdoor unit properly and the air distribution will be poor.

Avoid placing the indoor unit closer to the ceiling

The warm air from the space is collected through the vents placed at the top of the AC unit. So, if you keep the unit closer to the ceiling, the air cannot pass through the vents efficiently.

Also, warm air is lighter and rises up to the top. Therefore, you need to keep the unit a few inches below the ceiling to promote better air circulation.

Minimum 7 feet from the floor

As we mentioned in the previous point, warm air rises up due to its lightweight. So, the indoor unit collects this air, senses the temperature, and cools it down as per the set temperature level.

If the unit is placed closer to the floor, the cold air gets circulated back and the compressor automatically cuts off without cooling the space properly.

Therefore, try to keep the unit high above the floor and at the same time, keep it a few inches below the ceiling.

Accessibility and other factors

The indoor unit has filters that must be periodically removed and cleaned to avoid the circulation of dust and promote better cooling. So, you need to place it on an accessible wall.

Don’t place the unit directly under sunlight and try to keep it away from other electronics too. Placing it under direct sunlight will reduce the efficiency of temperature reading and the unit will not cool the room properly.

Therefore, these are the guidelines for placing the indoor unit inside your house to get better cooling and air distribution. Now let us get into the best location for an outdoor unit.

Outdoor Unit Placement

Outdoor Unit Placement - Best Locations to Place Mini Split AC

While choosing the wall for your indoor, make sure to consider the outdoor unit too. The outdoor part must be placed in an open environment where you can get good airflow.

Avoid placing it near bushes or shrubs. Because they may obstruct the airflow which removes the residual heat from the compressor.

The manufacturer provides a stand to keep it slightly above the ground. Try to keep the outdoor unit on the provided stand which raises the unit. Or you can build a raised concrete floor to place the unit.

You can also wall mount the outdoor unit to match the height of the indoor unit. This will reduce the piping and insulation costs. Also, it avoids rodents and other animals from taking shelter inside the unit.

Mostly the outer case of the unit is made resistant to corrosion. So, you don’t have to worry about leaving it in sunlight or rain. But it is better to keep it under any kind of shade.

These are the guidelines you must observe while placing your mini split ac in your house. It can increase the efficiency of cooling and reduce your electricity bills considerably.

How to Choose the Capacity of Mini Split According to the Area?

Before getting into the placement of the unit, you need to choose the proper capacity for the space you are going to cool.

A mini-split AC must be chosen according to its BTU which indicates the cooling capacity of the unit. According to the BTU, the size of the room it can be used varies. Here is a table that indicates the cooling capacity and the best-suited square footage.

Cooling Capacity in BTUSquare footage area

Since it is a mini split Air Conditioner, you have to buy separate units for each part of your house. So, measure each part of your house and choose the appropriate capacity. 

Once you have chosen the appropriate units for your house, you can place them as per the above-mentioned guidelines to get maximum efficiency.

Final Thoughts

Air conditioning has become an important part of our household. So, it is necessary to know how to use them and place them properly. Especially mini splits are ductless and must be properly placed to get higher efficiency through the best air distribution. Also, if you get the best capacity for your home, you can reduce your electricity bills considerably. Hope this guide will enable you to install the unit in a better way.

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