Why is My Hoover Carpet Cleaner Leaking Water? (Reasons and Fixes)

Carpet cleaners can leak water when there is an issue with the water valve or water reservoir. If the water keeps leaking from the carpet cleaner you have to keep wiping the floor or store the carpet cleaner with an empty water tank.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss why Hoover carpet cleaners leak water and find out how to fix it. 

Why is My Hoover Carpet Cleaner Leaking Water

Why is my Hoover Carpet Cleaner Leaking Water?

If the water valve in your carpet cleaner’s water reservoir is damaged or faulty, the water will not stay in the reservoir and will leak continuously. You can fix this issue by simply replacing the entire water valve or you can install a new rubber seal gasket in the valve to stop the leakage.

We shall look into the cause of this leakage in detail and find out the steps involved in fixing the issue effectively.

Reason for Water Leakage in Hoover Carpet Cleaners

There are two major reasons for the water leakage in your Hoover carpet cleaner:

  • A damaged rubber seal gasket in the valve of the water reservoir
  • Faulty water valve

Damaged Gasket in the Valve of Water Reservoir

If you look at the water reservoir of your Hoover carpet cleaner, you can find a water valve at the bottom of the tank. This valve is actuated by a spring and it is sealed with a rubber seal gasket. 

The purpose of this setup is to release water only when you press the trigger or move the cleaner in a forward motion. When you don’t actuate the valve, water will not drain from the reservoir. This is aided by the gasket which seals the water from flowing down. 

However, the gasket might get damaged over time, and it will not stop the water from flowing down. In such a case, you must replace the gasket and stop the water from leaking.

Faulty Water Valve

Sometimes the water valve may get completely damaged and the spring will not actuate properly. This can also lead to continuous water leakage from the reservoir.

The water valve is made up of plastic and it can wear out very easily. Especially if the valve is actuated frequently, there will be some wear and it causes the entire valve to get damaged along with the gasket.

Therefore, you have to replace the rubber gasket and the water valve completely to fix the issue permanently.

Fixing Water Leakage in Hoover Carpet Cleaner

You can fix the water leakage in Hoover with two methods:

  • Replacing the damaged rubber seal gasket in the water valve
  • Replacing the water valve with a new valve

Replacing the Damaged Rubber Seal Gasket in the water valve

To perform this fix, you will need a pair of nose pliers and a new gasket that will fit the water valve.

Once you gather these, follow the procedure to remove the water valve from the reservoir and install the new gasket:

  • Remove the water reservoir from the Hoover and empty the water.
  • Find the water valve at the bottom of the reservoir.
  • It will have a rubber gasket on the top and if you remove it you can expose the valve.
  • Inside the valve, you can find a spring that helps in releasing the water when triggered.  
  • Now turn the reservoir to the bottom on the outside and look at the exposed valve.
  • Using the noise pliers, carefully remove the water valve from the housing. Do not use force and gently pull it out.
  • Once you take the valve outside, you can find the damaged gasket beneath the spring.
  • Remove it and insert the new gasket inside it. Make sure to lock the gasket firmly inside and ensure the free motion of the spring.
  • After replacing the gasket, simply push the water valve into the housing and ensure its tight fit.
  • Now replace the rubber gasket on the top and fill water in the reservoir. The water will not release until you actuate the valve spring at the bottom.

Replacing the water valve with a new one

To replace the entire water valve, follow the same procedure as above to remove the water valve from its housing and use the following procedure to replace it:

  • After removing the old valve from the reservoir, remove the gasket and the rubber seal from it.
  • Now take the new rubber seal and gasket. Place the gasket beneath the spring in the valve. 
  • Place the rubber seal in the housing. If you find it difficult to place it, you can use some lubrication with oil or grease.
  • Now, take the new water valve with the new gasket, and simply push it down the housing until it locks down.
  • Once it locks down, place the rubber seal inside the tank and fill the water reservoir for usage.

These are the methods you can use to fix the water leakage in your Hoover carpet cleaner.

Other Possible Causes of Water Leakage in Hoover Carpet Cleaners

Sometimes, your water valve might be fine and you cannot possibly know the reason for the leak. In such cases follow these steps:

  • Check whether you have filled the tank only up to the recommended level. Otherwise, remove the excess water and check for leakage.
  • Check for the dirty water tank and find out whether it is filled. If it is filled, empty it and check for leakages.
  • Check your water reservoir for physical damage. If there are cracks or holes in the reservoir, it will cause the leakage. You might have to replace the reservoir with a new one.
  • Check whether the leak happens during the functioning of the cleaner. Because the water pump might be damaged inside which can also leak water from the inside. In such cases, you have to contact the Hoover Help Center to replace the water pump.

These can be the other possible reasons for the Hoover carpet cleaner to leak water when your water valve seems to be fine. Use the above fixes or contact Hoover customer care for more information.

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Fixing a leaking Hoover carpet cleaner is easy and you just have to find out the cause of leakage. Most of the time the leakage occurs due to a damaged water valve in the reservoir. But if the valve is fine, it can be other reasons like reservoir damage or excess water in the tank. Fixing these issues will permanently resolve the water leak issue in your Hoover.

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