Do GE Washers Come With A Drain Hose? (Answered)

Washer accessories are usually provided along with the purchase of the appliance. Some brands even provide pedestals free of cost. One of the important accessories of a washer is the drain hose. 

A drain hose is used to connect the washer outlet and the drain line. The wastewater from the washer is drained through this outlet to the drain line through this hose. 

We found users of GE washers to have a doubt regarding the availability of drain hoses with the purchase of the appliance. Let us find out whether GE washers provide us with drain hoses or not.

Do GE Washers Come With A Drain Hose

Do GE Washers Come with a Drain Hose?

GE washer models come with a drain hose and the manufacturer provides it along with the purchase of the appliance. You can find the parts supplied with the washer in your user manual. If you seek assistance from the store for installation, they usually fix the drain hose provided by the manufacturer. Unless you want to go for a different type of drain hose, installing technicians will fix the hose provided out of the box to your GE washer.

Not only the GE washer, but most of the brands also provide a drain hose out of the box. Since it is an important accessory, it is by default given with the purchase of the washer. However, some models and brands don’t mention the inclusion of a drain hose. In that case, you might have to purchase a new one or request the store to provide one when coming for installation.

Generally, the installing technicians know which of the washer models come with a drain hose. So, when you are about to purchase a washer, they will inform you of the additional accessories you need to buy. In some stores, you might have to enquire about the accessories before you buy the washer.

Particularly, if you are going to install the washer on your own, then it is a must for you to enquire all about the washer prior to the purchase. If you find a model to omit a drain hose out of the box, then try to get one along with your washer purchase. 

In the case of GE washers, almost every model comes with a drain hose including the low-cost ones. So, you never have to worry about installing the drain line for the new washer. 

The drain hose is also covered in the limited one-year warranty. If there is any damage due to poor material or if the manufacturing defect causes any problem, then you will be provided labor and spare parts free of charge.

How to Install the Drain Hose in GE Washers?

Despite the model of the washer, drain hoses are installed pretty much the same way in all of them. You have to install the hose properly. Otherwise, it will not drain and your washer may pause frequently. The parts and tools required are:

  • Drain hose
  • Drain Hose Clip
  • Screwdriver and Screws

Note: Drain hose and drain hose clip are provided with the washer and in some models, you also get some screws for fixing the clip with the washer.

How to Install the Drain Hose in GE Washers

Installation Procedure

  • First, unplug your washer from the power socket and locate the drain outlet of the appliance
  • Take the drain hose supplied with the washer along with the drain hose clip
  • Insert the drain hose into the drain hose clip. The drain hose end will have a stepped design and you have to let the clip slide further into the hose end.
  • Now insert the hose and hose clip setup into the drain outlet. You just have to give a slight push to the end of the hose and it will slide into the outlet to get fixed.
  • Once inserted completely, slide the hose clip into the washer body and make it intact.
  • If you are provided with screws to fasten the hose clip to the washer body, then use a screwdriver to fasten the screws in the appropriate holes. Make sure to align the hose clip and washer holes properly.
  • After fixing one end to the washer outlet, you can take the other end and insert it into the drain line. 
  • Make sure to elevate the drain hose height and then slide it into the drain line. The hose should be vertical and must stay above the water level of the tub. Otherwise, the water might siphon out of the washer.

This is how you should install the drain hose to any washer including GE models. If you aren’t sure about the installation or face other problems with washer, you can always seek guidance from a plumber or technician.

Popular Drain Hose Materials for Washers

Generally, the drain hose provided with the washers is a corrugated plastic hose that is flexible. But you can also buy steel hoses which might have a better life. If you aren’t satisfied with the hose provided by the manufacturer, then you can go for steel hoses. Usually, washers are used indoors and you don’t have to worry about the material of drain hoses.


Popular brands like GE try to satisfy customers with better service and products. The drain hose is an integral part of a washing machine. It is normal to expect the necessary accessories to be provided by the manufacturer out of the box. So, a GE washer comes with a drain hose and hose clip to start using the appliance right away.

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