How to Remove GE Refrigerator Light Bulb Cover? (Procedure)

The light bulb is an integral part of the refrigerator because it lights up the dark compartments of the fridge. Without a light bulb, you cannot see inside the fridge clearly, especially during nighttime.

In refrigerators, the light bulb is protected with a light cover which has to be removed when you want to replace it.

In this article, we will learn the complete procedure to remove the light cover of a GE refrigerator and replace the bulb easily. 

How to Remove GE Refrigerator Light Bulb Cover

How to Remove GE Refrigerator Light Bulb Cover?

Most of the GE refrigerator bulb covers are easily removable by simply lifting them from the tabs and pulling them towards you. However, in some models, you can find them to be fixed with a single screw and you may need to use a screwdriver. Once you remove the cover, you can simply unscrew the light bulb, and replace the bulb with a new one. After replacing the bulb, you can fix the cover back by snapping it on the tabs or screwing it according to the refrigerator model.

In a GE refrigerator, you can find the light bulb in the following places:

  • On the roof of fresh food and freezer sections
  • On the rear end wall above the crisper

In both the fresh food and freezer sections, you can find the light bulb in the same area mentioned above.

Procedure to remove light bulb cover

  • Locate the light bulb cover. It will be either on the roof of your freezer and fresh food section or at the back wall above the upper crisper.
  • Unplug the refrigerator or turn off the circuit breaker to avoid electrocution.
  • If the cover is on the roof, you can directly reach it. But if the cover is placed on the rear wall above the upper crisper, you must remove the crisper and probably the shelf above it.
  • Once the light bulb cover is reachable, you can gently lift the cover from the tabs and pull it towards you. If you are removing it from the roof, you must rotate the cover down while pressing the two tabs on the back.
  • After removing the cover, you will have the bulb exposed and you can simply remove the bulb by unscrewing the old one.

Replacing a Suitable Light Bulb

Once you have removed the cover and exposed the bulb, you can replace it with a suitable type of light bulb. Older fridge models use incandescent light bulbs while the newer models use LED bulbs. You can also find LED strip lights in the latest models.

If you find an incandescent bulb, you can either replace it with the same model or use a similar LED bulb with the correct wattage. Usually, the  A15 model is used for refrigerators and you can verify it with the manual provided. Simply unscrew the bulb and install a new one.

As for LED strip lights, it is better to contact a technician since there may an issue with the refrigerator circuit and not the light itself. So, try to hire a professional and give a thorough check of the circuit before fixing the light.

Can a Fridge Work Without a Light?

The working of a refrigerator is not affected by the light. The fridge will work perfectly even without a light bulb.

Having a light bulb in the fridge helps you to see the contents clearly. Since a refrigerator is a closed box and there aren’t any transparent windows to bring in light from outside, it depends on a light bulb.

Without a light bulb, it is pretty dark inside a fridge, especially if you keep it in a dark room. So, the light inside the refrigerator enables you to look at the contents of the fridge. But it doesn’t aid in the working of the appliance.

Why is the fridge light not working?

The light in your fridge may not work due to the following reasons:

  • The bulb has reached the end of its life.
  • The light switch may be faulty.
  • Problems with the power supply circuit
  • Defects in the circuit board of the fridge

Because of these issues, your light bulb in the refrigerator may not be working. In such cases, you may do the following:

  • Remove the cover and check the light bulb for any defects or burns.
  • Also, check the bulb base and the socket for any damages.
  • If you find issues with the bulb and socket, you can try changing them.
  • If there are issues with the circuit, then you must reach a technician to repair it.

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Having a working light bulb in the refrigerator helps you to see the contents of the fridge. If you have a faulty light bulb, you must replace it by removing the light bulb cover. This guide will help you to properly remove the cover from a GE refrigerator and enable you to install a new bulb.

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