Do I Use Hot or Cold Water in My Hoover Carpet Cleaner? (Best Guide)

Carpet cleaners have the ability to deep clean and remove heavy dirt effectively. Hoover carpet cleaners are efficient in performing a deep scrub. 

In addition to the cleaning solution, we also use water to wash the carpet. But should you use hot water or cold water?

In this article, we will be discussing whether it is best to use hot or cold water in a hoover carpet cleaner. 

Do I Use Hot or Cold Water in My Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Do I Use Hot or Cold Water in My Hoover Carpet Cleaner?

You can use hot water in your Hoover carpet cleaner and it is better since it can perform a deep clean effectively. But it is better to avoid boiling water in the cleaner since it may melt the plastic parts in your cleaner and sometimes ruin your carpet fibers too. If you don’t have hot water, you can simply use cold water which can also do the deed but in a less effective manner.

To make this clearer, we shall discuss the way to use hot water in carpet cleaners and why hot water is better than cold water.

How to Use Hot Water in Hoover Carpet Cleaners?

You can use hot water in Hoover carpet cleaners by heating them to a gentle temperature and never till the boiling point of the water. 

That is, you can heat the tap water till it reaches 60⁰C or 140⁰F. It is best to keep it right on this temperature point or a couple of degrees below it. 

Once you have heated it to this temperature, you can pour it into the water tank and mix the cleaning liquid from hoover into it.

Then, use the cleaner normally and you can feel the dirt getting removed more effectively and efficiently.

Why it is better to Use Hot Water in Hoover Carpet Cleaner?

There are three major reasons to use hot water in your carpet cleaner. They are:

  • The cleaning liquid mixes well in hot water
  • Hot water can work on the dirt more effectively
  • Can reduce your effort

Cleaning Liquid Mixes Well in Hot Water

If you look at the chemistry of cold water, the molecules aren’t activated like in hot water. When you are heating up water, the water molecules are agitated due to the heat energy transfer. 

When you give this energy continuously the state of water will start to change into gas, i.e., vapors. So, any chemical reaction can occur more effectively in hot water because the molecules are activated while heating it up.

Therefore, when you add the cleaning solution, it can react and blend well with the water. This will aid in removing the dirt more deeply.

Hot Water Can Work on the Dirt

Since hot water has activated molecules, it can work well with hard stains and dirt better than cold water. Even when you are washing clothes or dishes, you can find that the use of hot water can peel away stubborn dirt easily.

The same action can happen with carpet cleaning too. When hot water is sprayed onto the carpet with some amount of pressure, it can bring the dirt out of the fibers and clean them perfectly.

You don’t have to double wash the carpet or spend more time cleaning them with your carpet cleaner.

Reduces Effort

Sometimes when you use cold water, you can find yourself forcing the cleaner twice or thrice over the same area to make it shine. But that is not the case when using hot water.

You just have to go over the dirty carpet once and you can find it getting cleaned more effectively. This works like magic especially when you have a stained carpet. 

Some stubborn stains might fatigue your hands when using cold water. But hot water will reduce your effort by half. 

Therefore, it is recommended to use hot water below its boiling temperature to clean your carpets and complete the cleaning process sooner than you expect.

Can Hoover carpet Cleaners Heat up the Water?

No, hoover carpet cleaners don’t have a separate heating system to heat up the water. Rather you must heat the water separately in your kitchen using a stove or microwave and then use it with your carpet cleaner.

Hoover cleaners can dry the carpets quickly with the help of Heatforce technology, but they cannot heat the water by themselves. Therefore, you must seek other means to make the water hot and then pour it into the water tank of the appliance.


Hoover can provide you with effective carpet cleaning. You can make the carpet wash more effective with the help of hot water. But make sure to follow the guidelines mentioned in this article so that you can avoid making any damage to the carpet cleaner.

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