How to Reset Samsung Range Display? (Guide)

Samsung ranges have control panels with displays. These displays help you to interact with the appliance with the help of buttons or dial interfaces. When this display doesn’t work, it will be difficult to know what settings are being inputted into the appliance.

The most common problem that occurs with Samsung ranges is that the display flickers or shows only partial information. At such times, you cannot use the range even though the other buttons work properly.

In this guide, we shall discuss the different methods to reset your Samsung range display and fix the issue.

How to Reset Samsung Range Display

How to Reset Samsung Range Display?

To fix the display issue with your Samsung range, you have to reset the entire appliance. You cannot reset the display alone. When you reset the entire appliance, there are chances for the display to work properly and you can use the range again without any trouble. If the reset didn’t work, then you have to replace the display with a new one or contact customer support.

Let us now find out how to reset your Samsung range to fix the display problem.

Procedure to Reset Samsung Ranges

The best way to do a complete reset of your Samsung range is by removing the power source entirely. The following procedure will help you with the complete reset.

  • Turn off your Samsung range and remove the power plug.
  • You can also go to your circuit breaker and turn it off directly.
  • After removing the power supply, press and hold the start button for 10 seconds. This will drain any residual current in the system.
  • Then wait for another 30 to 40 seconds for the system to get discharged completely.
  • Now plug your range back into the power supply or turn the circuit breaker on.
  • Check whether the display is working. If it still flickers or doesn’t show properly, you have to change the entire LED display set.

Since this procedure completely resets your range, there are some things to consider before doing it.

Things to Consider before Resetting your Samsung Range

  • This reset will change all your settings in the range and you have to keep that in mind before resetting it. If you have done any particular settings, note it down and you have to do it again.
  • This reset will also reset your clock and you have to set your clock for the current time.
  • This reset will not fix any damages or issues in your appliance’s hardware. You have to fix the hardware issues in another way and resetting will not help it.
  • If you don’t know how to set up your Samsung range after resetting, get assistance from the service center or use the user manual.

Does Resetting the Range Clear Error Codes?

Samsung ranges can display error codes and you cannot operate your range during such time. This may not be an actual error in the system and it can be a simple malfunction. 

In such instances, performing a reset can help you clear the error codes. You can follow the same procedure mentioned above to reset your appliance. 

Check whether the codes have disappeared. Otherwise, you have to check out the code and address the problem individually.

Check out the link for the list of error codes that can be displayed in your Samsung range.

You can also run diagnostics to check out the type of error code showing in your range. These diagnostics will help you find out the problem in your appliance.

Procedure to Run Diagnostics in your Samsung Range

This procedure works for ranges with buttons and a number pad.

  • Turn on your Samsung range and press the Clock button.
  • Now press the buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, and Start/Set sequentially. 
  • Then press the Clock and 1 button simultaneously. Try to use two fingers and press the buttons together for the appliance to go into diagnostics mode.
  • Once you enter the diagnostics mode, it will display 1 and an Err No sign if there aren’t any error codes.
  • Toggle through the diagnostic mode with the help of button 0. Pressing the 0 button will go to the next error code. Similarly, there are 5 error codes and if all of them display Err No sign, then your range doesn’t have any error codes.
  • Otherwise, you will have an error code displayed in any one of the sections.
  • To exit diagnostics mode, press the OFF/Clear button and you will be out of it.

This is how you can perform diagnostics on your Samsung range and find out whether you need a reset to clear the error codes on your appliance.

Do I have to Reset the Range if it Shows “test” in the Display?

No, you don’t have to reset your Samsung range if the display shows “test”. The ”test” indicates that your range has gone into Demo mode and it has to be turned off.

You can follow this procedure to turn off the Demo mode in your Samsung range.

Procedure to turn off Demo mode in Samsung range

  • Look for a button with a clock symbol and a settings icon at the bottom. 
  • Press and hold this button for 3 seconds. 
  • Now you have to press the 0 button to enter the Demo mode.
  • In Demo mode, you can press button 2 to turn off the mode. If you want to start the mode, then press the button 1.
  • After turning off the mode, press the Start/Set button to save the settings and exit. 
  • This is how you can turn off the Demo mode in your Samsung range. 

It is important to turn off this mode because the heating element will not work in this mode and you cannot cook with your range. This mode is used only for showroom purposes and you can turn it off to use the range.


Your Samsung range might have display issues or error code issues and both can be solved by a complete reset of the appliance. But at times, the reset might not work and there will be some hardware issues in the appliance. Therefore, try resetting the appliance and if nothing works, contact customer support.

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