How to Set Clock on Samsung Electric Range? (Complete Guide)

Modern cooking appliances have a digital interface and it is very important to know how to use them. These digital interfaces help us to set different modes in the appliance and provide us with stats for monitoring.

A common thing you can find in all the appliances is the presence of a clock. Especially in appliances like ranges, ovens, etc. will have a clock so that you can automate certain modes.

So, in this blog post, we will find out how to set the clock on a Samsung electric range with a detailed guide.

How to Set Clock on Samsung Electric Range

How to Set Clock on Samsung Electric Range?

If your Samsung range has a button interface, then you have to press the Clock icon or the menu named Clock on the control panel. If your range has a smart dial, then you have to enter the menu and choose the Set Time option to set the clock. You can also change the Time format and AM, and PM options in both the types.

Let us now discuss the procedure to set the clock in both types of ranges.

Procedure to Set Clock in Ranges with Button Interface

Most of the Samsung Ranges have this type of interface. You can follow the same procedure for all. You can also make use of the user manual to know the procedure to set the clock for the respective model.

  • Turn on your Range and look for a button named Clock or a button with a Clock icon.
  • This will display the time settings on the panel. Now check whether you have number pads in your control panel or directional buttons.
  • In both cases, you can simply enter the time in hours and minutes or use the directional button to change the time.
  • This can be done if your clock is set in the 24hrs format.
  • If you want to set AM and PM, then you have to press the Clock button again and set AM and PM.
  • After setting the correct time and format, press Clock again. This will start displaying at the right time. In some models, you have to choose the Start/Set button to confirm.
  • If you have entered the time incorrectly, simply use the clear button to change the time before confirming.

Procedure to Set Clock in Ranges with Dial Interface

Some Samsung ranges have a dial interface and you have to use it to set the right time. You can mostly find this in the Smart ranges, hence the dial is known as the Smart dial.

  • If your range is turned on already, you can find it to display only the clock on it. This is the sleep mode of your range.
  • You have to push the dial or turn it to wake up the range control menus. 
  • Once the panel is awake, press the Menu option which is indicated with a three-line icon.
  • Now using the dial, navigate to Set Time
  • Then by turning the same dial, enter the time. 
  • Finally, you can push the dial to confirm the set time.
  • If you want to change the time format, you can choose the Time Format option in the Menu and choose 12hrs or 24hrs.

Setting up the Clock on a Range with No Clock Button

Some users have mentioned that there is no clock button on their range. But in reality, they have simply missed it out and it is present in every Samsung Range.

We already mentioned in our procedure to set the clock that some models do not have a button named “Clock” on the control panel. Rather they have a small icon that has a picture of a Clock with a tiny Settings icon and a (3 sec) icon mentioned below it.

This is the button to set the clock on your Samsung range. If you press it once, you can simply enter the time and press the start button to set it.

If you hold the same button for 3 seconds, it will open up the Settings menu. So, do not hold it long and simply give it a press.

When do You Have to Change the Clock on Your Samsung Range?

Usually, the clock doesn’t change as long as you keep the range connected to a power supply. But sometimes, you might have turned your range off or it has gone off due to power outages.

So, when you turn your range on again, it will not show the correct time and you have to set it to the right time.

Another instance when this can happen is during a reset of the range. When your range is reset, you have to set the time to make it right.

If you had given your range for some repair to the service center, they might have reset your range and when you turn it on after it, you have to change the clock settings.

Finally, people living in countries with daylight savings have to change the time to match it with the current time. 

So, these are the instances where you have to set the clock so that you can use it for checking the time or to set up other cooking modes.


Setting the time in your Samsung electric range is easy and you just have to follow the procedure mentioned above. Also, you can change the time format and AM, and PM in a 12hr clock. Whenever your range is reset or you have to update the time in daylight savings, this guide will help you.

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