Is Downy Unstopables Septic Safe? (Cleared!)

One of the popular products of Downy is their Downy Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster Beads. It is a pack of small beads that are used to make the clothes smell good and fresh. But does it affect the septic system? Can downy unstopables clog the septic system in any way? Let us find out in this article.

Is Downy Unstopables Septic Safe

Is Downy Unstopables Septic Safe?

Downy Unstopables is perfectly safe for the functioning of the septic system. It will neither clog the system nor prevent the flow because the ingredients don’t contain any oil-based compounds and they are water-soluble. Therefore, you can use the product without any concern for septic system safety. 

The purpose of Downy Unstopables is to make your clothes smell fragrant and fresh. It doesn’t do any cleaning or softening of the fabric. The chemical compounds used for manufacturing the product don’t have any harmful substances.

Since the Unstopables version of Downy is just a fragrance-producing additive, it doesn’t potentially harm the septic tank. Therefore, you can use it while washing clothes without worrying about the safety of the septic system.

In the downy unstopables, you get tiny beads of chemicals in the pack which are added to the clothes before the start of the washing cycle. Since this product doesn’t have any cleaning agent, you have to add a detergent. Once you start the wash cycle, the Unstopables will start to dissolve and stick to the cloth producing a lot of fragrance.

Unlike fabric softeners and conditioners, the amount of Unstopables you need is much less for each wash cycle. You may use a detergent or conditioner in large volumes, but you will never have to use the Unstopables in large quantities.

All the compounds used by the manufacturer are well within the safety limit and have environmental safety accreditation. None of the ingredients are considered hazardous. So, you can use Downy Unstopables to make your fabric smell fresh and good. 

How to use Downy Unstopables?

It is not a condition to use Downy Unstopables with a fabric conditioner or a detergent. They are not influenced by the addition of softeners and detergents. Here is how you can use the scented beads of Unstopables for washing:

  • Open the Downy Unstopables Pack and you will find tiny scented beads
  • Take some beads (as per your requirement) and put them directly into the washing tub of your washer. Fill the tub with water and you can find it dissolve
  • Now add the clothes and start the wash cycle

This is the procedure to use downy unstopables. Kindly note that the unstopables don’t perform any dirt removing action and they will not make your clothes clean. Rather, it will only provide fragrance to the clothes. So, you may have to add some detergent powder or liquid.

Also, it is not a condition to use it only with Downy products. You can use the beads with any detergent and conditioner. You can use the beads with any kind of washer. It will not affect the appliance in any manner.

How much unstopables to use?

As for the number of unstopables, it depends on the number of clothes you are washing. Generally, you can use 2.08 ounces of Downy Unstopables Beads for a load of laundry. So, if you buy a 5.7oz pack, you can use it for at least 11 loads of laundry. This amount will be sufficient to produce the necessary fragrance. But make sure to dissolve them with water inside the washer before filling the clothes.

Since unstopables don’t have any potential hazard and don’t affect the septic system, occasionally you can use more if you need strong fragrance in your clothes. They don’t affect the quality of the fabric though.

Make note that there aren’t any recommendations from the manufacturer regarding the number of unstopables beads to use. You can pour in your desired amount accordingly.

Using too many Unstopables might lead to a very strong fragrance and it has a tendency to stay longer than you require. So, try to restrict your usage and avoid using it in huge quantities.

If your laundry load is small, then put only a few beads. If you have a huge load, then split the load and use the beads accordingly. This is the best way to manage the usage of Unstopables.


Downy Unstopables is an effective way to make your clothes fresh and fragrant. Their ingredients are safe for your septic system and don’t lead to any clogs due to the absence of oil-based substances. Also, the lower usage quantities of the Unstopables will not affect the septic ecosystem. Therefore, make your clothes smell refreshing with Downy Unstopables.

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