Why Does My GE Washer Keeps Pausing? (Top 5 Reasons)

People using GE washers encounter an unexpected pausing of the machine. There are many reasons for the washer to pause frequently and in this post, we shall discuss the reasons for a GE washer to keep pausing. Also, we will discuss the ways to prevent the washer from stopping mid-way.

Why Does My GE Washer Keeps Pausing

Why Does My GE Washer Keeps Pausing?

Your GE top load or GE front load washer keeps pausing due to a malfunction in the door or lid lock, malfunctioning water valve, inability to drain, very low water level, and malfunction in the control board circuit. If you find the washer stops mid cycle even after fixing these issues, you can consult an appliance technician and rectify the issue.

1. Door or Lid Lock Malfunction

This is the common cause for frequent pausing in GE washers. The machine has a lid lock or door lock that initiates the washing process only when the door is completely closed. 

If you haven’t closed the door of your GE front load washer properly, or if the door lock is malfunctioning, the washer will not run. It will stop occasionally whenever the lid lock loses contact with the control circuit.

So, when you first encounter the issue, check your door latch and ensure that it completely locks and that the latch functions properly.

If you find the lock to be malfunctioning or broken, you have to fix the issue to prevent the washing machine from stopping while washing or rinsing.

2. Malfunction in the Water Valve

GE washers can automatically draw water from the inlet valve for the respective wash program chosen by the user. If there is a malfunction in the water inlet valve the washer will keep pausing due to the inability to draw necessary water for the wash program.

For a particular wash cycle, the washer calculates the volume of water to be drawn and it will automatically start drawing it from the inlet valve. Due to some malfunction, if the water is not flowing into the washer, the machine will stop midway until the water starts to flow again to wash or rinse the laundry.

Sometimes, users might forget to turn on the water tap that is connected to the washer. So, in this case, the water will not be drawn into the tub and the washer will not start the cycle.

Therefore, check the function of the inlet valve and ensure the proper flow of the water into the washer. If not, you must fix it to avoid the washer pausing frequently.

3. Clogged Drain

Proper drainage of the used water from the tub is important. Only then the washing machine can proceed to the next process in the washing cycle. When there is an issue with the drainage, it can keep pausing.

A washing machine’s drain can clog due to the following reasons:

  • Bad quality detergent that sediments into the drain hose and drain valve.
  • Excessive suds or foam slows the draining process.
  • The drain valve doesn’t function properly.

When clogging happens due to these reasons, the washer will pause until the drainage is fixed.

Most of the time, the washer gets confused due to the presence of excessive suds, and they take a long time to drain.

4. Insufficient Water in Wash tub

For different wash programs, there is a particular water level limit. This limit must be ensured for the cycle to begin. The control board and the sensors in the washing machine will know this limit and begin the cycle automatically. If your washer model is semi-automatic, then you must manually fill the water up to the necessary level. 

But if the water doesn’t fill up to the level completely, then the machine will pause during the cycle intermittently and won’t proceed.

Too much water can also cause this problem. When excess water is present in the tub, it will not run properly and will pause the tub until the load is reduced.

5. Control Board Malfunction

The control board in a washer governs all the functioning of the appliance. If it doesn’t work properly, it can cause problems like frequent pausing and other issues with the washer.

This issue will not be found by users, and you have to check the above-mentioned reasons before concluding a board malfunction.

Other wash functions might work properly. But some of the functions might not work and it will lead to pausing.

Since the control board is the main part of the washer, you cannot find the issue until you remove the board and physically investigate it.

These are the major reasons for the washer to pause frequently and let us now look at the different ways to rectify this issue.

How to Prevent a GE Washer from Stopping Mid Cycle

Follow these steps to prevent your GE front loader and GE top load washer from stopping frequently when washing or spinning the laundry: 

  • Ensure that the door or lid is completely locked in your washer model. This will completely close the circuit and the washer will function properly without pausing.
  • Keep the inlet and outlet valves open. Particularly, always keep the inlet tap open and ensure the free flow of water into the washer. 
  • If there is any clog in the inlet valve, remove the valve and clean it thoroughly. 
  • Similarly, ensure proper flow in the drain line. If your drain hose or drain valve is clogged, remove it, and clear the clog.
  • Check whether the water fills up to the appropriate level. Because adequate water is necessary for the machine to start the cycle. Also, check the inlet valve function. 
  • When there is an issue with the control board, you must unplug the washing machine and remove the board to check the issue with it. If you encounter some error codes in the washer fix them before repairing the control board.
  • You may need to replace the control board if it is damaged. Otherwise, get the help of a technician and fix the issue in the circuit.
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