How to Improve Hoover Suction Power? (5 Best Ways)

Your Hoover Carpet Cleaner might have a low suction power due to clogs from the dust and debris. It is simply an issue with the maintenance of the carpet cleaner and you can fix it very easily.

In this article, we shall get to know the different ways to increase the suction power of Hoover carpet cleaners by fixing the issues causing the low suction performance.

How to Improve Hoover Suction Power

How to Improve Hoover Suction Power?

You can increase the suction power in a Hoover carpet cleaner by removing clogs in the nozzle cover, cleaning the suction inlet, cleaning the dirty water tank, closing the hose port properly, and cleaning the exhaust vents and brush assembly. All these can be routinely done to avoid reduced suction power. If you find the suction power to be poor even after fixing these, then you might have to repair the appliance with a technician.

1. Removing Clogs in the Nozzle Cover

Through a detachable nozzle cover the carpet cleaner sucks the dirty water from the wet carpet. This nozzle cover might get clogged due to dust and debris. This clog can result in poor suction performance and you have to clean it. The clogs are mostly caused by the carpet fibers and you can clean them with the following method:


  • Locate the nozzle cover and remove it. There will be a lever lock that can be lifted to remove the nozzle cover from the cleaner.
  • This nozzle cover will be transparent. Therefore, you can thoroughly check for debris and rinse it off in a stream of water.
  • You can also use a brush to remove the dirt and dust completely.
  • After removing the debris, replace the nozzle cover and lock it properly.

2. Clean the Suction Inlet

If there is too much debris in the dirty water port then you will not have proper suction. The dirty water sucked through the nozzle cover will pass through a port and reach the dirty water tank. The port has a filter to prevent dirt from getting inside the tank and this filter can easily get clogged. So, this clogging results in a low suction power and you must clean it to fix the issue.


  • Remove the nozzle cover and you can find the suction inlet hole on top of the brush assembly.
  • Using a brush reach the inner part of the hole and check for any debris. 
  • Remove the debris and clean the hole thoroughly using a clean cloth.
  • You can also unscrew the assembly and wash it completely in running water for better results. But if you find it more technically challenging, you can avoid it.

3. Clean the Dirty Water Tank

There are two important things you must check with the dirty water tank when the suction power is low.

If the dirty water tank is full, there will not be any space available for further suction and it will reduce the suction capacity of the cleaner.

There will be two filters present in the dirty water tank. If these filters are blocked, then you cannot expect the suction to be efficient and powerful. So, you must fix these two issues.


  • Detach the dirty water tank and empty it before using it.
  • While using, if the tank becomes full, immediately empty it for continuous powerful suction.
  • When you remove the dirty water tank, you can find two filters underneath it.
  • Clean the filters thoroughly and remove any kind of debris.
  • Replace the filters and the dirty water tank to continue using the cleaner.

4. Close the Hose Port Properly

Hoover carpet cleaners enable you to use the appliance with or without a hose. If you are using a hose, then you must attach the hose to the hose port present at the front side of the cleaner. Ensure it is tightly fixed to the port to avoid gaps which may cause low suction.

If you are not using the hose port, then it must be closed properly. Incomplete sealing of the port will leak air through it causing low suction power.

It is also important to clean the hose port and the attachments used with it for better suction.


  • The hose port is located at the front side of the cleaner below the clean water tank.
  • If you are going to use the hose, then you must ensure proper locking of the hose inside the port for proper suction power.
  • If you are not using the hose, then remove the hose from the port, and make sure to close the port using the cover provided properly. 
  • If you don’t close the port, suction will be lost through that port, and it will not be powerful enough.

5. Clean the Exhaust Vents

While suction takes place, the residual air is vented through an exhaust at the back of the carpet cleaner. If the exhaust is dirty or clogged with debris, it can cause a loss in suction power.

You can clean the exhaust vent easily with a brush and remove all the debris that is blocking the vent from exhausting the air.

Also, you have to clean the brush assembly since it is the major reason for removing fibers from the carpet and it can clog your suction port as well as exhaust vents.


  • Locate the exhaust vent and clean it thoroughly using a brush. Try to remove all the fibers and dirt from the vent completely.
  • Remove the nozzle cover and take the brush assembly apart.
  • You can remove the side caps of the assembly and wash them in the running stream of water.
  • Remove all the stuck fibers in the brush to avoid clogging in the future.

If you routinely perform all these cleaning and maintenance properly with your Hoover carpet cleaner, you will not have issues with suction or a reduction in suction power. 


Hoover carpet cleaners can be used for cleaning and washing carpets. Many users find to lose suction power after a few months. This is due to the clogging of debris in the major inlets and filters. So, if you fix it, you can get the ultimate suction capacity with the cleaner and dry your carpet thoroughly.

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